Canbus/ Error Free

Plug & Play

No Drilling or Wiring Needed

x2 Pair


These projectors are plug and play. They replace Oem door light housing to this.



Fits Below Vehicles

 A8 2004-2018 

A7 2012-2018

A5 2008-2018 

A6 2000-2018 

A3 2010-2018 

A4 2003-2018 

A1 2012-2018 

R8 2007-2018 

TT 2008-2018 

Q7 2006-2018 

Q5 2010-2018 

Q3 2012-2018

Audi Logo Projectors


      One Year Warranty for Faulty Products. Warranty does not cover Physical Damage & Water Damage.


      No Returns, Everything is Final Sale.

      Please contact us if you are unsure of which kit fits your vehicle.